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Page Conceptual Model - Contribue & Consume

Page Conceptual Model - People You Know & People You want to know

Page Conceptual Model - Free & Premium

Exploration of life events based timeline where users document and share their lives. 4 years before facebook timeline.

Homepage Concept - 3 products.

Homepage Concept - focus on profile and finding your own identity.

Homepage Concept - active voice

Building out profiles

Enhanced Profile - best single source of online identify

Activity based feed meant to encourage frequent return visits


Role: Director, User Experience & Design is America’s #1 people search, with 60m registered members, 15m uniques, 2m monthly new registrants. 12/08 (comscore #56), and annual revenues of $60m.

• Oversaw UX production for brand redesign and transition from to
• Manage all UX, Design, research activities of 6 person team.
• Use analytics and multi-variate testing (Test & Target) to optimize product performanc